Kristin Talks 'Trial & Error' and More with GQ
August 02, 2018 by User 0 Comments

Kristin Talks 'Trial & Error' and More with GQ

Kristin talked to Brennan Carley from GQ about Trial & Error, her career, and much more. Read the full article HERE.
"Kristin Chenoweth is not the actor you hire if you just want someone to read words on a page. She shows up with the backstory questions of a seasoned reporter. She'll want to know not only what makes her character tick, but also who built the clock in the first place, and what model the clock is, and if it's the only clock of its sort, and in which stores you might be able to buy the clock. She'll read the script between the lines. She'll read between those lines and find cracks and crevices so small that only a woman of her size and talent could possibly traverse them, but, days later, she'll emerge with a map she's drawn, ready to show you her work." - READ MORE

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